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Headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida, Letspeak is your affordable and efficient resource for translators and interpreters that resolve communication problems in your workplace. Easily overcome language barriers standing in the way of your business with assistance from our professional translators and interpreters. Our expertise is in Haitian Creole, but we can help you communicate effectively in Dutch, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, or any other language.

Translators and Interpreters in Fort Myers, Florida

Whether you need on-site or over-the-phone language services, we provide the help you need at an affordable price. We’re so dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction that we’ll even recommend you to a competitor if we feel it better suits your needs.

We Translate Various Languages:

• French
• Spanish
• Haitian Creole
• German
• Portuguese
• Chinese
• Russian
• Arabic
• And Many More

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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring cultures together by facilitating communication between people. It’s unfortunate that we don’t speak one language, but we can arrive at a global understanding of cultural diversity through efficient translation services.
Letspeak, Inc. strives to be a focal point for the delivery of affordable language services.

Exceptional Interpretation Services and Much More

More language capabilities means more clients or patients and therefore, more profit. Letspeak is here to make that possible for you. We put our 20+ years of experience to work not just with people in real time but also with technology. Whether you need audio and video transcriptions or reliable translations for documents, software, and websites, we offer all these services at competitive prices. Our French translator and other team members can work with the fine print that an app can’t do. Even personal documents like diplomas or birth and marriage certificates are no problem at all.

In addition to our business, legal, and medical translation, we can also provide sign language interpretations to assist in speaking with people who may be deaf, hard of hearing, or mute. With our experienced and diverse team, there’s no language barrier we can’t cross. You shouldn’t have to hire a full-time translator when you only need a one-time service, and we’re here to ensure that’s not needed. Call on us for any interpretation or translation purpose, whether it’s in person or for technology and documents. We’re happy to help you communicate with anyone in any way.


“That the sole concern of your business is exceptional customer service is obvious to me. Thank you again for a business/service interaction that can be best described as one of 'platinum' quality." Craig Usas, M.D.

"Thanks again for your constant reliability!" Angela B., Naples Daily News

"I am writting to express my sincerest thanks for your diligent work. I spent an entire day searching for a reasonable price to have a document translated and just as I was about to give up, I found Letspeak. Not only was the staff incredibly kind, but they were understanding to my financial needs, and flexible. After I realized I had a deadline for this document I asked if the process could be expedited. The time sensitivity was addressed promptly." Bette R.

"I am very impressed with the speed and follow-up your services provided me. Thank you and best regards." E. T. Fisher

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